onsdag 30 april 2014

Lite vårgöra...

I dagens inlägg på Grannlivsbloggen så kan ni läsa om mina trädgårdsbestyr så här på våren... Klicka på länken här nedan...




2 kommentarer:

  1. An informative article, and actual pictures of Paula! Clever to mix some topsoil in the the existing soil and various manures, I think.

    Like you, I love cosmos and here they last well into the autumn. The seashell variety with the tubular petals is my favorite. There's a lady farther down the path along our little lake that plants a lovely garden. In her cosmos garden toward the end of summer she has a pair of scissors attached to a pole with a pretty ribbon, along with an invitation to passersby to cut some flowers to give to someone who needs some cheer. Isn't that lovely?

    I have never been more happy for the arrival of spring.....such a cold winter! K.


  2. What a Lovely story... <3
    Maybe I shall do the same in the end of the summer... :))