torsdag 17 oktober 2013

Höst i Virginia...

Allas vår Kelly har mejlat några fantastiskt vackra höstbilder till oss att ta del av...

Coming through Beaverdale, where Kellys mom grew up...

This is leafs from Kellys favorite sugar maple, by the lake...

This Picture is taken when the leafs are starting to change colours...

The same sugar maple by the lake.
On a Bright, sunny day, it's just luminous!!!

This is Kellys dog Matty, and Kelly tells us that he is happier
than he looks at the photo... :))

These are so wonderful!!!

And this last Little leaf from a Cleveland Pear tree...

Kelly... It is really nice for us to see some pictures from your autoum in Virginia, United States.

Thank you Kelly!!!

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  1. And there's more to come! The burning bushes are turning (they go from green to bright red), the sugar maples are still at it and our Cleveland pear trees are just starting.

    I do like living where we have the four seasons in fairly even quantity, although some years it seems like such a long winter.

    Stor kramar! K.