tisdag 1 oktober 2013

Höstens färger

Se er omkring och njut av
höstens alla vackra färger!!!
 Naturen är fantastisk!!!

Jo, jag tänkte på det... OM ni har någon vacker höstbild från där ni bor, mejla den gärna till mig så lägger jag ut den på min blogg... Vi kan väl hylla hösten med lite vackra höstbilder???

Löven är tagna från samma träd

Kontakta Gårdsbacken

3 kommentarer:

  1. Are those lovely leaves from a birch tree?

    I'm sure I have some good autumn photos from Pennsylvania, dear Paula, so I will send some. Have you seen, I've actually blogged a few times while on vacation!

    NHL regular season starts today! On Thursday, the Devils play the Penguins in Pittsburgh. This is the only game where Jer and I are careful as we grew up as Pens fans, but now they are second on my list after the Devils.... :)

    Love to all! K.

  2. No, it's not Birch, it's Mountain ash or you perhaps call the tree Rowan?
    I would be very glad if you sent me some autumnpictures from Pennsylvania, I'm looking foreward to se them... :))

    Our hockeyleague SHL has also started for the season. It started quite good for Modo but the last games hasn't looked so well. Unfortunately, I havn't seen them playing yet, but I have Heard that it doesn't look so good. They have a new tranier for this season, so I guess they haven't found there way to play yet, the way this new trainer wants them to play. But the Points is equally important in the beginning of the season as they are at the end!!! I hope Jer wears his Modosweater every time the play a game? Otherwise I blame him for there loss... ;))

    Does Brian works with the Devils this season as well?

    Kramar till Er!

  3. Ah, we would call it an ash tree, too. Lovely colors!

    I have not a single autumn picture in my laptop from anywhere! So, when we get back home, I will at least take some in Virginia. Our fall in Virginia starts much later than PA.

    The Devils open their season in Pittsburgh tonight! And yes, Bri is still with them. Have you heard of Jaromir Jagr? He is now with the Devils; Bri said he is super nice. But Jagr knows he will get booed in Pittsburgh today! His first 11 years and 2 Stanley Cups were there, learning under the great Mario Lemieux. Mario is as beloved in Pgh as Foppa is in Ornskoldsvik.

    Miss you all, and big hugs to Fame who I hope is getting stronger every day! K.