måndag 8 juli 2013

Skogens konung...

Vi hade turen att få se en ståtlig älgko med kalv ikväll på väg hem ifrån Nonnes... Perfekt att Kelly fick se skogens konung innan hon åker hem... :))

Imorgon blir det surströmming...

4 kommentarer:

  1. Fantastic! Was he dressed in a pink jogging suit;)Poor Kelly, she will not be able to cross the borders if you give her fermented baltic herring. Be nice, don´t scare her away!

    Kelly: Thanks a lot for your visit and the very pretty tablecloth. How did you know, that´s my style?! The boys thank you for the delicious treats. Happy journey back home and welcome back to 'Foppatoffel swamp'

    P&D and K -Thanks for a very nice evening<3

    1. Hey, Nonne!

      Danne and Paula were plotting against me this morning. They knew I would not understand the Swedish but I knew from the looks on their faces...

      Thanks for the lovely visit and Fika. I so love Merlin and The Pirate, the joys of your heart.

      I will see you again and we will ride!!! K.

  2. Hello Kelly
    Next time you come to Sweden, you must visit us.
    The Foppatoffel, yes everyone has them, but many are a bit ashamed to wear them. I never wear mine outside the ground or balcony. They are not exactly stylish.
    Anyway I am so glad for you, that you have such a wonderful time at Gårdsbacken, how could it go wrong with all the fabulous two and four legged creatures there. But I'm sure, you miss your horses.
    I wish you s safe trip home.
    Love Gitte

    1. Hey, Gitte!

      Oh, my mother loves her Foppatoffler but I think they are not so pretty. She will be pleased to know that such a great hockey player introduced them here.

      Oh, I can not even say what a wonderful trip this has been. And you are right, how could anything go wrong with being around the creatures?

      So, the next time, I will see you also!