lördag 4 februari 2012


Jag googlade på "hur många länder finns det i världen och fann att det finns ungefär 244 olika länder. Är det någon som vet om det finns någon exakt siffra?
Champis - den vallande kaninen har tittats på i 182 av de 244.

I googled on "how many countries are there?  I found out there is about 244 different countries. Does anyone know the right answer?
Champis - the herding rabbit has been viewed in 182 of the 244.

-Jag är störst, bäst och vackrast! :))
-I'm the biggest, the best an the most beutiful! :))

Vi har fått så otroligt många reaktioner på Champis "vallningsinstinkt". Många frågar sig vad det är som driver honom att göra detta? Jag undrar om det finns någon i dessa 244 länderna som har någon vettig förklaring. Champis är en blandraskanin. Om han skulle vara till exempel hälften Border Collie, borde inte något i utseendet påmint om detta? ;))

We have got so extremely many reactions on Champis' "herding instinct". Many people ask themselves what it is that makes him do this? I wonder if there's anyone in these 244 countries, who has an reasonable explanation. Champis is a halfbreed dwarf rabbit. If he would be, say fifty percent Border Collie, wouldn't something in his appearance remind us about that? ;))

Kommentar från Youtubeklippet,

-Sooo. This pretty much made my life X) SO CUTE!!!! XD

Thank you for your nice worlds :)) gorillazgirlie

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  1. Hi!!! that's beautiful bunny lion that you have!!! it's so funny!! We have one, a holland lop bunny called Hinata, she is 4 years now and she has a similar behavior, sometimes she is in our bathroom and she became very territorial and when we go inside the bathroom she "attack" us like Champis attacks the sheeps. He always make this with the sheeps or only at this area? because perhaps he think that is his area and is for that he run to the sheeps. He grow up with the dog? Because another idea is that he learn it from the dog, when they grow up with a family they can learn a lot. Lots of love from Uruguay! my email is mvirginia0102@gmail.com and you can see pictures from Hinata at www.conejitosmascota.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Vici!

      Thanks for your comment.
      It's nice to read that the video with Champis has reached your part of the world as well. Uruguay is a long way from Sweden. I looked at the pictures of Hinata, loved her dark ears.

      /Paula at Gardsbacken

  2. Bravo Champis Bravo!

    Bunnehs rule!! I miss my lil girl, her name is buchi.

    Keep champis safe and warm. He's truly a gem.

    1. Hi Adi,

      Thank you for your concern :))
      Champis lives in the barn where the sheep keeps him warm ;)

      /Paula at Gardsbacken

  3. Love Chamis, what a spirit. Thanks so much for sharing with the world on youtube!

    I made a cute little Ode to Chamis on Etsy, you can see it here:

    1. Hi Christopher!

      I loved the "Sleeping sheep farm animal hat" :))

      /Paula at Gardsbacken

  4. Denna galna internetvärld....... Över 1,1 miljoner som kollat klippet :-) Fantastiskt!

    Ha en skön helg, och ta hand om er så hörs vi framöver ;-) Känns skönt i denna kyla att ha nåt varmare att se framemot!

    Kram från kusinen med bihang ;-)

    1. Hello Cous! ;)

      Nog är det lite galet alltid...

      Ja, vi får vara hemma vi, och elda i kaminen medan vissa får sand mellan tårna :))


  5. You ask what makes Champis behave like that? We too have a herding rabbit! His name is Sir-Hops-A-Lot and he lives under a table in our living room. he can be very fierce. He growls (yes really) at strange people who come into the house. He doesn't like too many people to be moving around at once, if all three of us are in different parts of the living room, he tries to herd us all onto the sofa using the same techniques as Champis uses on your sheep. He can get quite cross, and will bite ankles if we don't obey the mighty rabbit!
    So, I think it might be a general boy rabbit thing.
    Hops is about 6 years old (we think, he was a rescue rabbit so we're not absolutely sure).
    It's good to see another rabbit behaving in the same way. He looks a bit like Champis too, perhaps they are related..