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The bravest rabbit in the world...

Champis the Rabbit still seems to engage a lot of people from all over the world, so I feel that I want to give my readers some more information about him. Everyday I have readers from many different countries wanting to know more about the Big little Rabbit.

USA seems to love  Champis -the herding rabbit. It's the country that shows the most interest, and we have got many wellwritten and kind e-mails. We get warm in our hearts reading these e-mails and realising how the video of Champis has made people happy all over USA.

New Zealand is another country that has shown, and still shows great interest in a rabbit herding sheep. I may be wrong, but isn't New Zealand a country with bot a lot of sheep and wild bunnys? Maybe that's why they're so interested ? :) For us, it's extra exotic to have readers on Gardsbacken blog from so far away. We are really happy for that, feel very welcome to our blog !

I want to tell you some more about Champis, because i assume you want to know. Champis lives with about 60 sheep (with lambs it could be about 150) and some rams in a big barn. There is also some chickens wandering free in the barn, along with their protector, the rooster. Champis loves to hang around the chickens. He loves to lie next to a chicken when she's taking a sandbath. Sometimes you see him with his nose into the feathers of a chicken, just to give, and get some comfort.

As you understand of watching the video of Champis herding the sheep, they have a lot of respect for him. They move quickly when Champis comes against them, and if they don't, he either grips them in one of their legs, or in the nose. He demands that they shall move away when he tells them to...:)) It's the same thing in the barn...there he is the boss... Sometimes when the farmer comes in to the barn, the whole flock of sheep stands in just a corner of the big barn. In the other part of the barn, with a lot of space for himself, reigns a rabbit... He is really special, dear big little Champis.

Stripped to the skin...

Here at Gårdsbacken it will soon be lambing time. It's early this year as well, it's just a few days until the first lambs will arrive, and we have sheared the ewes who's carrying lambs. In the picture above you see one of the ewes, just sheared. The green on the wool is from the mark the ram makes when mounting the ewe.
The winter wool isn't very nice, it's a lot of hay in it and we just throw it away. We don't have a lot of sheep and there is no value in the wool. The ewes really like being sheared, and stands calm and quiet when the wool falls off. For us, it's really important to have the ewes sheared due to lambing. It's so much easier for the lambs to find the udder, and get their milk.

I got this on Valentine's Day!  <3

-Are you the bravest rabbit in the world? I ask Champis.
-I'm afraid of that, he answers...

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5 kommentarer:

  1. Your stories, and your wee rabbit are very lovely, thank you for sharing!
    Saskatchewan, Canada

    1. Hi Deb!

      We are glad that you enjoy the video of Champis. He really are a special rabbit as you notice :))
      We like the name of the place you are from. It's a very beautiful name.
      We are honoured to have people from Canada at our blog as well.

      We wish you the best in the future and take good care of yourself.

      /Paula at Gardsbacken

  2. I hope all your lambs are born healthy and have easy deliveries; such a busy time for you. I visited Ireland last May, the first time for me to see all the mamas and their lambs on the hillsides and it was beautiful. My friend Bob is a farmer in Tipperary and I met 6 new calves of his during that visit.

    1. Dear Kelly!

      Yes, our first ewe has now delivered our first lambs for this year and everthing went well. That makes us happy. We have a dream to visit Irland and hope to do that one day. It looks like an really nice country with a lot of sheeps and Border Collies... :))

      Take care!

      /Paula at Gardsbacken

  3. I'm so impressed with Champis! He is so commanding it's incredible. He sure proves that size has nothing to do with being boss - inner resolve and strong intention are everythng. It was great to see him resting up. I don't think of rabbits as sprinting, or running around that much. He sure takes his job seriously! Did he learn from watching the dogs work the sheep, or is this just a hidden talent of rabbits? Boy is he assertive!! Appreciate the kindness and warmth of heart in your responses to writers. Happy lambing! I grew up on a sheep farm, and lambing was the best time.