torsdag 2 februari 2012

Champis -The Big little Rabbit

Champis -The Big Little Rabbit

Jag delar med mig av lite fakta om Champis:
Kön: Hane
Ålder: 5 år
Ras: Dvärgkanin, blandras
Bor: I Hjärtpunkten av Höga Kusten <3
Syskon: minst tre, två svarta och en grå
Civilstånd: Singel
Favoritmat: Hönsfoder
Favoritdryck: Källvatten
Arbetar: I ladugården
Främsta intressen: Hänga med hönsen
Tycker om: Hanna <3
och mina djur, förstås :))

Vi tog en promenad med hundarna efter jobbet. Äntligen börjar det bli lite kyligare dagar, -22 i morse, så idag åkte till och med dunjackan fram. Det har faktiskt inte varit några riktigt kalla soliga vinterdagar förrän nu. Det är ovanligt att det inte är kyligare då vi bor ganska långt upp i Sverige. Bjuder er på en vinterbild från Gårdsbacken idag.

We went for a walk with the dogs after work. It is finally getting colder, it was minus 22 degrees Celsius this morning, and we had to look for some warmer clothes. It hasn't been any really cold sunny winter days, until now. Living in the north of Sweden, it's usually much colder. Here is a picture from Gårdsbacken today.

Vinter på Gårdsbacken

Champis -The Big little Rabbit

Here's some facts about Champis:
Sex: Male
Age: 5 yrs
Breed: Dwarf rabbit, halfbreed
Lives: In the heartpoint of The High Coast area <3
Family: at least three brothers or sisters, two black and one grey
Civil status: Single
Favourite food: Chicken food
Favourite drink: Fresh water
Works: In the barn
Interests: Hang out with the chickens
Likes: Hanna <3
and, of course, my animals:))

Kommentar från Youtubeklippet;

-Why on earth breed shepherddogs?
Rabbits are much easier to breed!!!

Thank you, nellievandenhooven :))

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18 kommentarer:

  1. Champis was the day before yesterday on the front page of (Finnish tabloid newspaper). They had linked the video. Really cute.

    I am not Swedish, but we also have a Swedish born holland lop rabbit. I found it abandoned from Sweden during my short stay there. However, the rabbit moved with me to Finland when I returned back home. He is the cutest thing ever.

    1. Hi!

      It´s good to hear that Champis has jumpes to our neighbours as well :))

      /Paula på Gårdsbacken

  2. Very cool youtube video of rabbit playing sheep herder.

  3. Champis is awesome!!!!! I have a dwarf rabbit named Chambinho, he has never met a sheep but he is awesome too!

  4. Champis puts my four Border Collies to shame. He is an amazing herder! Please share the story about how he learned to be a herd-rabbit! For its quirks an anonymity, I love the Internet and the way it allows us to share amazing stories like this around the world.

  5. What does the name Champis mean? I keep thinking it must have something to do with the sheep called Chamois, but all I can find is a town in France!

    Thanks for the video - I could watch it 100 times (and I probably will!).

    1. Well, I am not sure why they have named him Champis. However, very likely he has been named after a Swedish soft drink manufactured in Örebro.

    2. Thanks! I didn't see that when I googled the word. I guess I should have used the Swedish google!

      Great website - your dogs are beautiful.

  6. Svar
    1. Gårdsbacken12 mars 2012 22:23

      Take care

      /Paula at Gardsbacken

  7. How do you manage to prevent Champis from running away? I would love my rabbits to be free ranging but I am worried they will dig their way out of the garden.

    1. Gårdsbacken12 mars 2012 22:21


      Champis just want to stay close to the barn, with his friends, the sheep and the chickens and have no idea to run away...
      I think rabbits are quit attached to home.

      Take really good care of yourself and your rabbits. Give them a soft pat from me :))

      /Paula at Gardsbacken

  8. I love your YouTube video, and have shared it with my friends on Facebook. Does Champis work with the border collie to herd the sheep? It seems like they'd make a great team!

    We live near Washington, D.C., USA, and we haven't had very much cold weather here, either. We will probably have terrible moquitos this summer.

    1. Gårdsbacken12 mars 2012 22:28


      We are happy to share the video with you. Champis has learned to herd the sheep all by himself. He really is special :))
      It does'nt sounds nice with the moquitos...

      Take good care of yourself
      /Paula at Gardsbacken

  9. Thank you so much for Champis's story. My bunnies loved the videos. We don't have many sheep around town but maybe the javelinas would consent...
    Melissa (a.k.a Baxter's Mom, Scottsdale, AZ)

  10. We love watching the video of Champis. He really is a special bunny. Is he friendly to humans? Give him a special pat from us.

  11. My children and I love the sheep herding video of Champis and have watched it many times. We have two Polish sister bunnies that we keep in our yard & then run around free every couple days. It's so hot here in Georgia in Southern USA (90 degrees F today) that we have to put ice packs in their cages. I can't imagine your temps ; )