tisdag 7 februari 2012

From the Centre of the Heart of the High Coast

Champis -the Big little Rabbit, lives in a barn, in the small village, in what we call; The Centre of the Heart of the High Coast.. The village is in Sweden, Europe. The village is small, but there is a Big heart of goodness,
in the rabbit Champis..

The movie about Champis soon reaches the two million mark on Youtube, and we still find this hard to believe. People from 192 different countries have seen the video on Youtube. What a superstar he has become. We are getting many beautiful, nice, wellwritten, polite and friendly comments at our blog and by e-mail, and if we don't have the time to answer you right now, we promise you that we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Many of you ask us to give Champis your love and an extra carrot, and we will do that, next time we go and visit him.We will bring him a BIG bag of carrots, and be a little extra nice to him... :))

From this summer, Dan training Gimmie...

And from last autumn...
Setting Fame up for the outrun.

foto: Lillemor Bylund

The pictures above is from this marvellous small village. We often go there to meet our good friends and to train our sheepdogs. The scenery is like magic! In the first picture, our 7-year-old Gimmie is driving, and on the other one, her two-year-old daughter Fame, is ready to gather the sheep..

We get back to the story about the rabbit Champis...
In Sweden, it's a tradition with a show called Dinner for One, shown on TV every New Year's Eve.There's something similar between the rabbit Champis,and the head of the tiger skin laying on the floor, which waitor James keep tripping up on...
-Does this sound strange?
-Do you want to know more?

Well, then I'll tell you another day... ;))

A comment from the Youtubeclip;

-Ha Ha Ha, the farmers here in NZ will have to watch out,
the rabbits will herd their sheep soon.....
Thank you for a funny comment, ebotica :))

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10 kommentarer:

  1. He is so cute!!! Greetings from Brazil!

    1. Hi Camila!

      We enjoy having a person from Brazil at our blog. That's far away from Sweden :)
      Take care of yourself!

      /Paula at Gardsbacken

  2. Animals are smarter than we realize. Thank you for your kind treatment of all your animals from your bunnies to your beautiful border collies. And thank you for sharing your video for those of us who can only dream of such a life... may only good things come to you.

    1. Your words make us really happy!

      Thank you MK.

      All our best <3

  3. What a beautiful farm and a truly precious video! I herd with my collie in the US in a similarly wonderful spot in the Pacific Northwest and am very impressed with Champis herding skills!

    1. Thank you for your comment and kind words.

      We do love our farm and the animals. They give us so much joy!

      Be good to each other and others!

      /Paula at Gardsbacken

  4. Well done Dan and Paula :-)
    Herding-greetings from Sweden!

    1. Hi Lill!

      Always nice to hear from you.
      Talk to you soon ;))


      /Paula at Gardsbacken

  5. Hello, I live in Ontario Canada and I have two dwarf rabbits, named Molly and Thumper. When I saw the video of your Champis I thought it was SO cute! He is very adorable :) Thank you for posting the video on youtube! Good wishes to all of you! Give Champis a carrot from us here in Canada :)

    1. Hello Samantha!

      Nice to here from you.
      I promise to give Champis an extra carrot from Canada!

      All the best!

      /Paula at Gardsbacken